Short-billed Dowitcher - 17 May 2021

After seeing reports of dozens of Black-bellied Plover, Whimbrel, Willet, and more Wilson's Phalaropes at Pt. Mouillee I decided to take another stab at seeing them this evening. After all, skies had cleared, it was warm (77F), and winds had died (a bit). 

I ran into Brian Beauchene and we exchanged sightings (he had a pair of Sedge Wrens in the Walpatich Unit). I went over to the pump house and checked out the Humphries Unit. Just Dunlin (120 or so). No Black-necked Stilts, no phalaropes, no Black-bellied Plovers, no Whimbrel, no Willet. 

I continued on along the Middle Causeway hoping to see the phalaropes near the Banana Unit. Nope. Nothing. I headed back to the car.

I stopped by the pump house again, and this time I did pick out a solitary Short-billed Dowitcher that was foraging near shore. I spent some time digiscoping it before it flew off. Luckily, I heard a distinct "Du-du-du" as it flew off so I was able to verify ID.

I would later learn that the phalaropes returned after 7 pm. I was just leaving the parking lot at 7 pm. Figures... 


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