Digi-cissels! - 20 Jun 2021

A Dickcissel was reported earlier in the day at the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. I decided to go birding this evening and decided to drive through and look for it on my way to Pt. Mouillee SGA.

I looped through the refuge and heard the "gi-gi-gi" of Tree Swallows foraging in the parking lots and lawns next to the Visitor Center and thought to myself how much they sound like Dickcissels. 

Then I heard the distinct "Dik-Dik-seer-seer-seer" of a Dickcissel as I drove in front of the parking lot and immediately saw a single bird atop one of the newly planted saplings next to the lot. Grabbing the scope I was able to crouch down 30' away from the bird and digiscope it as the afternoon winds bounced the bird around its perch.

It then flew to another tree and perched lower to the ground and afforded some nice additional looks.


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