White-winged Tern! - 30 Jun 2023

Michigan's First Record White-winged Tern was found by Adam Byrne, Scott Terry and Phil Chu. The bird was found among Black Terns in the Vermet Unit about 300 yds from the east shoreline. Definitely a candidate for maximum digiscoping. I'd be shooting at 60X magnification on the scope w/ the Sony a1 and 40mm f/2.5 lens so Effective Focal Length was ~ 2400 mm!

I'd refind the bird again on 7/2/2023 in the same area. 

It would disappear on 7/3/203 and be reported at Pt. Pelee NP and presumed gone for good. However, it was again found at Pt. Mouillee on 7/4/2023.

It would continue at Pt. Mouillee for the next several days, then disappear. On 7/9/2023 the White-winged Tern was again reported at Pt. Mouillee. This time it was roosting in Cell 3 among a flock of ~18 Black Terns that were roosting in an freshly-flooded area wet by dredging.


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